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No conspiracy in my book. Just sloppy journalism. In the top 5 article dated Feb. 14 2012 they use the same review from May 2009 for the Klipsch S4. Their bottom line
The Klipsch Image S4 earphones offer up sound quality on par with and better than sets that cost many times as much; they are a spectacular choice for anyone looking for new earbuds.
Really? How can an review from years ago speak to today's value?

Conceding what you say, and as a former owner I don't, why not update to reflect today's market rather than over 2 years ago. They're advising you how today's dollars based on yesterday's information. You say there's been changes in the value of the S4, why doesn't their article reflect that?

Take a look at their top 5 headphones article. The Portapro Review is from 2008, the bose review is from 2006. You seriously want me to believe that there's been NO changes in the headphone market in 4-6 years?

Basing an article for today's buyer based on old information just doesn't do today's buyer any justice. At least add a prominent note that any price references were from the time of the original article and that it's possible that the bang for the buck quotient may have changed.
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