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Thumb Down Negative Archos 80 G9 Review

After a month long review, day to day use with the Archos 80 G9 8Gb tablet running into issue after issue with this clearly defective device I finally had enough when it ended up going from a review to a rant.

Trying to find a silver lining in this device proved challenging as it just seemed to bring frustration

It is possible that some if not most of the issues I came across were in fact results of a defective device

Please consider this before judging against the purchase of this Archos 80 G9 8Gb tablet

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I want to know this myself! Hlep
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I never had an issue with an Archos device, but many ppl have. Their products are DEFINATELY not as good as they could be though. And their software causes many an issue (I did encounter glitches, but I always found an easy solution - so I never really needed to post a help thread). Personally, I avoid Archos. But, tbf, the reason is sq and battery run time based. It was NEVER based on their devices performance. I still like what they make, but Archos just isn't for me (lack of customer support is the final nail in the coffin if a real issue DOES arise).

IMO, pass on this!!! Get a Samsung Galaxy Tab for the same $$$,...
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The only problem with that is that most Android tablets have a terrible time decoding video, unless it's certain formats. That is the only real advantage of the Archos; with its massive codec support, you could put any video you could find on it and it would play without a fault.

But the lackluster performance of every other aspect makes their tablets undesirable. Which is a real shame, because an Android tablet with proper media support would be great.
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I am extremely disappointed with Archos .... I've had five defective Archos tablets so far ..... First was the Archos 70 250GB, which did work, but had nothing but problems, very unstable. The next four (All the Archos 80 G9 250GB Turbo) in less than one year ... !!!

Have been waiting for at least four months to settle the issue with my last (5th) tablet I returned. Called Archos again today, and they told me they are sending me back the old unit ... !!!

Archos is the WORST company I have ever dealt with in my entire life ... !!! I was told that I qualified for an Upgrade, but they are telling me now they will not give me an upgrade, and will not refund my money, because there is nothing wrong with the unit. I would not have returned it, if there was nothing wrong ....

Now, the Archos warranty has expired (their fault for taking too long to settle this issue), and the Extended Warranty will not apply to another tablet. Go with Samsung ... I have the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which is a fabulous and amazing high quality device, with Excellent Customer and Tech Support. I am using my Note 3 as my main computer until I fix my MacPro desktop ....

-- Dissatisfied, Disgruntled, Disappointed > Just say "NO" to Archos .....
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