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Question eBay?

What are people's opinions of buying Headphones (or other type of electrical device) through eBay? When browsing you see headphones identical to those in shops, but for one sixth of the price! Are legitimate? How do you know you aren't going to get ripped off?
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NEVER buy anything from a HK (Hong Kong) seller.
NEVER buy anything from a seller that's in the UK or Europe, but the item comes from Asia, aka, HK, aka, Hong Kong.

Basically, if you EVER see anything that mentions or is remotely related to HK, avoid it like the PLAGUE.

Because otherwise, if it's in your place or nearby, it should be relatively easier to press your PayPal dispute -> claim since you could probably obtain or find a genuine product somewhere. Besides, it'll be faster to actually get a replace or what not.

They might also say they're an authorized dealer, which may explain why their prices are lower. For example, those cell phone dealers that'll give you the lastest phones for absolutely nothing and they'll even throw in rebates (if you want to bother since the Blackjack/RAZR/KRZR/SYNC/CU500 you got what absolutely free), all you have to do is sign up or upgrade your plan. tmiwireless is just another place for, and that's basically where everyone should get their phones as opposed to going to dealerships. You just have to deal with those folks from India who are being paid top-dollar to talk with Americans/Canadians/Westerners, which was in my opinion not too shabby.

Additionally, try to avoid those wholesale, liquidators, or refurb companies. If you want to take the risk, make sure you carefully go over their feedback. When you set their display to 200 FB per page, and you're seeing tons of red "-" each type you page down, that's a big no-no. You ideally want to be as close to 99.9% since it's almost impossible for high-value sellers to maintain perfect feedback.
You should be leery when it's 97 and lower, and basically calling it quits when it's 95.
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If you were in the UK, I could give you links to 4 ebay traders who have always supplied me with genuine goodies from Grado, Sennheiser etc at less than half of UK retail price. Interestingly, one of them is a Chinese man who lives in the Midlands. He obvously knows how to get the genuine stock shipped to him in bulk from the far east.
Plan303e has given spot on advice for minimising risk.
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Over on AVForums I have read of fake Sennheisers on eBay. I believe there even one or two pics of fake vs. the real thing.
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I bought my mirco and mircophoto off ebay and they are fine.
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Here's how to spot fake Sennheiser CX300, as found on eBay:
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