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Default Rockbox 3.10 with Meier patch for A43IT

I build Rockbox for my different players with the Meier crossfeed patch. Here is an android package for screen size 480x800, it works really nicely on my A43IT running a recent firmware (2.4.81).

This is built from 3.10 final and the only modification is the Meier patch, which you can see at

Some info about the Meier crossfeed: http://www.meier-audio.homepage.t-on.../crossfeed.htm

About the Rockbox Android port: You can find on that page links to Rasher's daily builds from unmodified source. My experience has been that some work well and some don't, which is to be expected on an unstable port. The source from the last stable release, 3.10, produces a really nice stable, fully functional build.

I obtain source using git and I build on a Debian Stable x86 PC. My package is signed only with the debug key so you can't upgrade to or from someone else's Rockbox build; you need to uninstall RB and then install the RB you want. The signing offers no guarantee of the package's integrity, or of mine. I offer the package as a convenience as it costs me nothing to do so except a few minutes of my time.

I expect that this build will work on any Android device with a screen resolution 480x800 or larger but I only have the A43IT and that is the only device on which I know it works.

I don't intend to build a newer Meier patched android Rockbox package until the next stable Rockbox release. In the meantime Technical Support is available toll free at 0800-UR-MOM.
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