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Default Issue Selecting Albums With Cowon J3 Browser

I've had my J3 for about 3 months now. Up until now it has been perfect. I am using Kizune's 3 main UCI's. I have the 8GB model with a 32GB expansion card which works good. I store all my files on the 32GB SD card and I use mp3tag to edit all my mp3 tags.

My issue is when I go to the browser>select "albums">select "Mixtape"...
The player opens up the album below "Mixtape." In order to select "Mixtape", I have to select the album above "Mixtape". Pretty strange and annoying.

This issue only occurs when I have "Mixtape" on my player. If I delete it, everything selects properly under albums section of the browser. "Mixtape" contains 568 songs and is 3.11GB in size. I checked all the mp3 tags of the "Mixtape" files and they look fine.

Any help/hints are much appreciated.
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The tags may look fine in one program but in reality are not fine. I've had that issue where I've thought the tags where fine and I load the files into Foobar2000 and the tags where not all fine. The only way to make sure your tags are actually fine is to delete them and put them back in. MP3Tag will allow you to do this.

Another thing to try before deleting tags is to remove your Mixtape files and put them back in in groups noting which ones you've put back in in the last group. Then if it starts to act up, you can then try to narrow it down to try to find which file(s) are the issue.
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