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Thank you for the fast reply! It seems that it support 50-Pin HDD -> CF Adapters, and the max HD avaiable is 80gb for this.
Strange anyway, because on the topic you have put out is MK1214GAH, 120GB, with ZIF 40 connectors...

So, I need to catch another player where I can put a 240gb (or, at least, 160gb).

Unfortunatly, only these should work :

iPod Video 5G
iPod Video 5.5G
Iriver H10 (large)
Gigabeat X series
Gigabeat S series

which are iPod (funny, on anythingbutipod forum), out of stock (Gigabeat X and Iriver H10) or, which is not recommended for this kind of things, Gigabeat S series... damn... suggestions?

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