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Originally Posted by Marvin the Martian View Post
I will certainly have to try this when I receive my Galaxy 5.0. I won't use my Sansas with anything but Rockbox, so if I can use it on the SGP, that would be great!

In all fairness, I'll probably still do most of my music listening with the Sansas and use the SGP for other stuff....but it would be nice to have RB available.
I've been using Rockbox on my Captivate with CyanogenMod 9 ROM (aka Ice Cream Sandwich Rom) for quite sometime now. The port is still not very stable (at least in my case, I still have a few hiccups/crashes a day) but the experience is well worth it It's by far the best music player interms of conveniences and versatility of Rockboxing
I'm with you on the Sansa Clip Zip, it becomes my main driver for music player.
BTW, anyone in the states wanna look at the Clip Zip 8GB at Costco, it's on sale now til April 1st for $45. I can't help but getting two for my backups
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