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Originally Posted by Pipps View Post
The smart desktop battery meter widget is essentially empty.

The same problem happened again this morning. The J3 turned itself off due to a reported 'low battery' after only 5 hours of play following a 3.5hr AC charge.

I immediately switched the J3 back on, and the battery meter contradictorily displayed itself as full again. It has since continued playing for another hour now - despite the battery meter now perpetually showing as empty again.

What could this problem be, and is it likely to get better with time?
I wouldn't expect a more exact diagnosis than you've had from people who have never seen your player, let alone dismantled it and gone over it with test equipment. (Obvious possibilities are the battery and the charging circuitry.)

**Assuming that you tried the obvious thing of giving it an overnight charge before using it** (I think this is recommended in the manual) then: it's new and isn't working properly - return it.

Oh - and if you're charging via usb hub, plug directly into the computer - your hub might not be delivering adequate current.
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