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Wink preset metal hard rock for sansa clip rockbox

i m the owner of a sansa clip plus with rockbox and my iem are soundmagic e30.
i listen most of meta and hard rock music and don t find the rock preset amazing.
so i tried to play with the eq settings but i m lost in the differents eq menu.
what do you use as settings accuracy for metal music listeners?

thanx in advance and sorry for my english
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I find the EQ presets in all the Clips unfortunate and harsh--I find it best to ignore that "feature."
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No one can build you a preset that's going to sound amazing. Amazing has to be judged by you using your ears and headphones. I've tried some presets that were being acclaimed as AMAZING!!! and they sounded like elephant farts to me.

For help with the equalizer menu the manual should help. The one tip I found to be most valuable was to lower the various band then raise the overall gain. Bass will distort very easily if you try to increase it. It usually works better to decrease the bands on the opposite end to increase your bass.

dfkt illustrates that nicely here. The links in there also will give you an idea how adjusting different bands will increase or decrease the presence of certain instruments.

I thought had some fairly decent EQ settings before I saw that post. They got a lot better once I started working in negative values in the different bands then raising the overall gain.

The most valuable advice in that post to me is to trust your ears. Everyone will have a different opinion as to what sounds great. Yours is the only one that's important in your sound setup.

One other thing, Rockbox allows you to easily save different EQ and sound setups as.cfg files. I've found that doing that frequently helped me a lot. That way if I found some great settings I could always get back to them. That let me experiment freely without being worried I couldn't get back to a known good setup.
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I listen to my e30s with the Clip+ RB eq turned off. Sounds pretty fine to me, with metal, hard rock, punk, blues, country, folk, etc., just a little warmer than neutral, i.e., with slight additional emphasis in the upper bass / lower mids. My test is comparing live concert recordings to what I recall actually hearing live. I don't see any reason to equalize these at all to pass that test. But that's just me.

PS Make sure you have tips on your e30s that provide a good seal. Its pretty easy for these to loosen because of their short nozzles and without a good seal your bass will really suffer.
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