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Old 02-23-2012, 05:41 PM
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Originally Posted by meanwhile View Post
If you have seen ABX test results that show all iPods sound the same, that's significant - but I don't see any linked evidence.
That would be quite impressive since its impossible to show that two things sound the same with an ABX test.

You'd have to use ABX tests to show that they sound different. Which would be hard, since they're all pretty similar except for the iPod 4G which was kind of bad compared to the newer ones. But if you're so sure, feel free to try.

Originally Posted by meanwhile View Post
..You also seem to be skipping over those lab test results that show a bunch of Apple players behaving very differently.

More, from hydrogenaudio, which probably is the most expert on this type of thing:
Ha, good to know you think I'm an expert on these things.

Originally Posted by meanwhile View Post
...So I really don' t think that it is completely safe to assume as a certainty that every Touch will pass an ABX test with a Fuze/Clip.
If you're so sure, go ahead and try. Or better yet, just look at the RMAA tests:

The output on iphone line is extremely good, and very much comparable to the Sandisk players, so its probably not possible for you to ABX the difference.
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