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Old 02-23-2012, 07:56 AM
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Originally Posted by skip252 View Post
The advice I gave was sound. I'm not going to base the advice I give on anyone's subjective test. Especially someone that believes there's a difference in sound quality based on which chip is in the player they are "evaluating"
If you have seen ABX test results that show all iPods sound the same, that's significant - but I don't see any linked evidence. So this comes to your faith that ****all**** DACs and amps perform the same - which with any piece of hardware that generates an analog signal I find hard to believe - against (yes, subjective) eyewitness statements that they don't. (This is NOT negated by the fact that +90% of players DO sound the same under common test circumstances!)

..You also seem to be skipping over those lab test results that show a bunch of Apple players behaving very differently.

More, from hydrogenaudio, which probably is the most expert on this type of thing:

Summarizing: most dedicated MP3 players now sound the same, but some phones fail noticeably in sound quality, and there have been problems with some models/instances of the Touch having excessive noise - probably due to the touch screen implementation.

...So I really don' t think that it is completely safe to assume as a certainty that every Touch will pass an ABX test with a Fuze/Clip. And as it is cheap/free to test this particular Touch - in fact, it might even be profitable - why not do so?

As for why I'm suggesting expensive headphones instead of cheapish IEMS:

- The OP wants high end SQ; he won't get this without high end output devices

- IEMs are horribly vulnerable to damage, so I'm guessing this is why the OP is willing to spend money on the source and not on the IEMs; the HD25 phones are tough and user repairable, so they should reassure him. They also isolate well and are a portable size.

- If he wants IEMS as well, then the FXC80s are an excellent price for the reported quality.

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