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With my old U3, I liked to have the screen always on, too, but with the i9's bigger screen, I've had to give up that habit. I only get about 4 hours out of it, too, while my 5 year old U3 still gets 9-10 hours with the screen always on. So, on the i9, I set the screen to 5 seconds, but still play around with the UI quite a bit, and the battery life is several times longer. If I just press play and let it go, I really do get 30 hours out of it (I tested it), but that's not how I typically use it.

Also, the battery life has actually improved somewhat since I bought the i9 2 months ago. The first time I charged it, I only got 3 hours. It's been mentioned elsewhere that the battery needs at least a few charges before it's at its best.

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