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Originally Posted by Qukis View Post
To answer the question: A: Because without this part, device 6666:e200 could not be found.
If you're in manufacturing mode then the I2C ROM is fine (since manufacturing mode is the I2C ROM). Like I said I don't know what trying to rewrite it while you're running it does, but I doubt its a good thing.

Originally Posted by Qukis View Post
Oh, I've noticed that holding REC, Select or putting on Hold makes no difference... Weird.
IIRC the point of holding REC is to boot into recovery mode after you've flashed the recovery mode code (BL_SD_boardSupportSD.rom) to the player's RAM. I don't think holding buttons before you've loaded code does anything (since theres no code on the player to read the buttons). Until you load code onto the device using e200tool, the thing is literally a brick. The buttons, battery, screen, all of it might as well not even exist.

Originally Posted by Qukis View Post
What's that about taking out the battery?
Should I let it sit and insert it back?
Or can I plug it in without the battery inside?
Shouldn't matter.
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