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Default Apps for streaming media library to Kindle Fire?

I'm interested in getting a Kindle Fire, although at this point I may wait for a Fire 2.

One feature I absolutely require in any tablet, is the ability to stream my PC media library, music and photos, to the tablet. I certainly like the Amazon integration of the Fire, but I've years worth of music I already own, and years worth of photos on my PC. I don't want a web-only device.

Does anyone have any experience with or recommendations for apps that stream PC media to the fire?

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I would guess the best way would be to use the Amazon cloud storage.
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Google found this video about steaming media from PC to Kindle
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Thanks. I knew I'd get answers here.

Both options are worth checking out, although the Splashot doesn't require pre-uploading everything. Now I need to decide whether to buy now, or wait for a larger screen Fire 2.

How do you feel about the current 7 inch screen? I don't watch much video, but my kids like to stream Netflix. It would be nice to have a portable player.
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I have been using Skifta to stream movies from my external HD connected to my Linksys router. Works pretty well although there are issues when trying to stream 4 gig + .mkv files. But it streams everything else flawlessly.
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I use the stock android video and music players on my Archos to stream
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