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Originally Posted by meanwhile View Post
It's ironic that people reject an IEM because of price here of all places - you'd think that the Sansa Clip would have taught them a lesson about the indeterminacy of the relationship between sound quality and price.
Yes, this is pretty much the reason why I stopped posting reviews on forums (not only ABI).

I picked up the Yamahas and tested them not because of the microdrivers, but because I found their design really nice and the build quality excellent (if you forget the springy cable).

Why would I have to justify not buying the cheapest microdriver-based IEMs ? (or all of them to do a "fair" comparison, let's be mad and waste money)

I compared them with what I had available at the time, and since then I've been receiving a constant flow of acidic remarks (some in private) about 150$ IEMs having to be "obviously" worse than the so-called "top-tier IEMs".
Other friendly remarks stating that since EPH-100 use microdrivers, they can't be better than other micro-driver IEMs in the 50-100$ range (I guess we should judge all IEMs solely based of what components they use, this could be fun...).

Each individual can have his own opinion and disagree, but I don't think it's too much asking for a minimum of respect and neutrality in the way it's formulated. Mockery and irony are becoming a constant habit of "old-timers" on most forums. Not a really efficient way to "educate" newcomers.
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