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Originally Posted by skip252 View Post
Done. Left you as the OP Marv so you can change the title if you care.

TDS, you had the AKG 81 DJ IIRC. I like mine a lot for sound, not so much for comfort. Any SQ comparisons?
TBH I like the sq of the CHP-2500 a bit better, as the clarity is more noticeable. But, the the akg's have a warmer sound and are DEFINATELY more portable. They really do have different sound sigs, me comparing them is kinda moot me thinks.

Comfort wise the akg's are kinda bad though,...they fit slightly tight, and the headband isn't padded. They may not be bulky like the cortex cans, but they hurt my ears a bit. My 7 yo stole 'em,...smaller head & all. IDvsEGO was right to return them on that issue alone.
Originally Posted by Marvin the Martian View Post
So what other pads fit?
I THINK I used a set of shure srh-750dj pads,... And I still need to go to B&H in Manhattan,...I just hate going alone.

Now, Marv got my thread?!?!?! Ya' weasel,...
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