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Old 02-17-2012, 06:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Vip_blast View Post
Is that icemonkey website reliable to purchase from? I never heard of it before. Otherwise shipping costs me quite alot, e.g. for the CHP-2500 on ebay its 20 bucks for the cheapest shipping :/

I understand you guys, but I'm not searching for something flashy, just something not too dull. I'm checking the Audio Technica and the Creative in more in depth now. The Cortex one looks okay to me, but at this price, it must have some more downsides, right? Like build quality or something?
If you check the Amazon reviews, the Cortex is praised for its toughness compared to some well known DJ phones. A lot of the price you pay for any consumer item is mark up and marketing - $200 trainers cost virtually the same as $50 trainers to make. (And are no better for your feet.) And don't get me started on the watch industry. Or fountain pens (people who collect pens seriously widely consider $20 Pelikan "school" pens to have better nibs than $1000 modern Mont Blancs*.)

Pricing can be very strange these days. I don't grudge the cost of my HD25s at all - I think they're around $200 in the US? - but I can understand how someone else might prefer my Superlux 668s ($60-70???) - and my second favourite iems/phones so far have been JVC 51 iems. These are $25 in the US, and EQed right they kick Etymotic's ass.

Bottom line: if I was in the US I'd buy the Cortex phones in a heartbeat!

*Pen nerd bonus: the nib that the cheap Pel's use is actually a copy of one of Mont Blanc's best ever nibs from when it was a pen maker rather than a lifestyle brand - their "folded wing nib"!

Also: consider switching the Clip to Rockbox (plenty of details on this forum.) It's free and battery life jumps up, plus you get more configurability and EQ options.

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