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Originally Posted by BRD4 View Post
@meanwhile: Thanks. These are from the specifications of my laptop: (Audio and Sound section)

Device/ Status/ Driver/ Version
ATI High Definition Device/ Enabled/ AtiHdmi.sys/
IDT High Definition Audio CODEC/ Enabled/ stwrt64.sys/ 6.10.6292.0

My laptop is HP Pavilion dv6 and I bought is last year(around 1200$)
So, is it the first possibility or the second? Is my laptop better than Sansa/Cowon? Any more specs needed?
To give an objective, technically based opinion I'd have to see a test of the frequency response and noise levels coming the machine.

But why should you care? The Clip is one of the best sounding players, and you've decided that you prefer the sound on the laptop. I'd say that you should back your own taste - although the Clip is so cheap that I can't see any reason not to have one. Listening to music is about what makes you happy - plus the physical aspects of hearing vary so much person to person.

Something you might consider is a pair of headphones to go with your IEMs - maybe some lightweight superaural ones if you're not into the full size type. Grado 60s or 80s, Alessandro Ms1s, Sennheiser PX200, Superlux 668 (these are full size) are all very well thought of and reasonably priced (I'm assuming you're in the US - Grados are overpriced everywhere else.) Or for more money Senn HD25's are widely considered the ultimate portable rock phone (they can' reach great volumes with the Clip though, I believe.) You get a different sound from phones that some people prefer - if you're searching for more this might be what you need. (My own 25s arrived an hour ago and even though they're not burned in I already prefer them to any IEM I've used.) You could look at

Oh - and there is something called the Cortex CHP2500 DJ Phone that some people here swear is better than most $200 phones, but which you can find on the net for less than $50 if you're in the US. (I'm in the UK.)

Good phones also last longer than most IEMs. (The chatter is that Phonaks aren't the toughest of IEMs - although they're said to be some of the best sounding.)

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