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Originally Posted by cnhardwick View Post
|joker| on head-fi has reviewed all five in his thread. According to him SE215 > A151 > E30 > CX21 > FXC80. Even taken with a grain of salt since CX21 and FXC80 have only .1 difference in score, I think it is safe to say the SE215 is in another league compared to FXC80--which it better be since it is in another price bracket too!
I really wouldn't take small differences in Joker's review scores too seriously.

Individual taste counts for a lot, and I think that he's probably round about average in his susceptibility to psychological suggestion based on price and brand for a hi-fi enthusiast - which is to say considerably. (I assume "average" because that's what most people are!) I'd suggest for allowing an error and taste mis-match of up to 0.5, plus maybe giving cheaper non-FOTM iems a boost of up to 0.5. Use him to get an idea of the characteristics of an IEM or headphone and an *approximate* idea of quality. Especially with iems, where fit and even canal shape and depth play such a large part in the final result.

What Joker does is great and I trust him absolutely to weed out awfulness, and a lot to describe the signature of an iem or pair of phones. But to provide numerical scores that I will agree within 0.1? No; taste varies too much. From experience I know that there can be an easy 2 points deviance between us - maybe more! People shouldn't expect the impossible from him, although we should all damn well appreciate what he does.

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