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Default More on the white screen

Originally Posted by Chili View Post
That sounds a bit weird to me, I haven't seen that in any of my other gadgets. Then again, none of my other gadgets is a Sansa Fuze, so that doesn't necessarily mean anything.

I'll just have to remember to plug in the Fuze at night from here on. The computer is never off
I am having frequent white screens on my sansa fuze. At this point there is more white screen than anything else. I have updated the firmware. I'm wondering whether the white screen is at all correlated with maxing the memory use. My first problems came when I accidentally tried to write to the fuze in stead of the microcard I had inserted. If the memory protection isn't great, I'm guessing that you can stomp on some things you don't want to. The other observation is that the white screen has vanished when I have shaken the device. Could this be a cold solder? I am really motivated to keep this device because the new fuze has an awful interface, and because I am a linux (Banshee) user.
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