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Originally Posted by meanwhile View Post
… This says a lot about the usefulness of these terms and how well people actually communicate using them. Why not just write e.g. "This iem plays so that the treble is rather louder, proportionately, to the bass and mid-range" or "This iem emphasizes the treble"???
Very good point and I wish that your statement was the way it was done. Unfortunately that is not the practice with headphone/IEM reviewers. As I stated in the first post “I’m no fan of flowery decorative word practice …” But speaking for myself in the beginning I needed a good list of descriptions to understand some reviews.

At one point I Googled up definitions only to find that some lists did not include all the words and I can assure you that this list is not complete either. Over time I had numerous lists, some words were defined while others not so I started to compile these lists into one with the help of abi members. Unfortunately I fell prey and use some of these terms in my reviews, while I believe to have tried to explain my opinion as accurately as possible. Luckily I haven’t written too many reviews as I don’t have the cash to buy everything I’d like

Since this is a community I'd welcome your input on better one word descriptive terms/definitions and if we can come to some agreement, we could incorporate your points into the list as well

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