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Default "back to music list" missing in ClipZip

hello there,
In Clip+ when i see currently playing song and press down button i see menu, and first item there is "Back to music list" which is pretty much self-explanatory, but supermega useful.
Buuuuut, i'm using new Sansa Clip Zip which I've got for Christmas and it is fine. One thing that is not fine is this one particular item in menu missing there. Is there a way to add it to the list or am I doing something wrong?

thanx, T.
i tried to search the forum for this topic and didn't found any so if there is some plz add +1 to my incompetence
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SanDisk (in their infinte wisdom) did not add this function to the Zip. And no, there's no way to add it yourself.

The best you can do is while a song is playing, press the BACK button (little square button in upper left of control pad) to return to the Music menu. A short press will go here; a long press will take you back to the MAIN menu. A quick press again will return to the NOW PLAYING screen.
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