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Originally Posted by marlana View Post
I did my research and looked at the players that are compatible with Rhapsody ( a major requirement for me). I finally settled on the 16gb Fuze+, even after reading all the negative reviews about the touch pad.
With all that being said, I am having a few minor problems and I am wondering if I am overlooking something or if I will just have to live with it. I use my player for over 8 hours a night at work, so I have about 3,000 songs on it. I always use the shuffle function and this has always worked fine on all my other players. I understand how the program works and I expect some sort of repeat of certain songs but this thing seems to want to play the same songs ALL the time.
It appears that shuffle is incompetently implemented by some vendors. A competently implemented shuffle would play every song once and only once—e.g., Rockbox’s shuffle. I never use Rhapsody. I just tried shuffle with the Fuze+, and it appears to work fairly well.
And, when I shut it down for the night and turn it on the next day it starts off on a screen with the last 10 songs played so I have to go to the songs screen and tediously tap through songs to find something. Am I missing something, do I have something set wrong?
For that shuffle test, I chose music->songs->Shuffle List. I tapped on the touchpad to shuffle forward some songs, turned off the Fuze+, turned on the Fuze+, tapped on the touchpad to shuffle forward some songs, turned off the Fuze+, and turned on the Fuze+. Both times when I turned back on the Fuze+, the last song was correctly displayed. My Fuze+ is in MSC mode. Which version of the firmware are you using?
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