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Thumb Up Mac OS X and A865 - Some Tips

Hi. I just removed myself from the Ipod. I bought the Sony A865 16GB and I am very happy with it. I am using SnowLeopard 10.6.8. Sony's software is now drag and drop. I actually wanted to see if I could install it, but I was unable to(thank god). The drive will show up on your desktop, then click it and open the various files. Open your iTunes and drag your individual song files in and that's it!
NOTE: The player will mount on your desktop and probably open iPhoto as well.(really annoying!) Go into Mac Preferences---->CD/DVD and under "Insert a Picture CD, click 'Ignore'. This will prevent iPhoto from opening again.
NOTE 2: When you unmount the Sony, it will quickly mount again. When you are finished, unmount and quickly disconnect the USB from the computer when you see the Sony disappear from the desktop(about 1 second). You may see a warning message or you may not, depending on your timing, but don't worry about it. This is the only way to 'unmount' the player.
NOTE 3: If you want to sync iTunes, install the third party software 'iTunemywalkman'. I think it works on all the new Sony mp3 players as well as phones. It works well for me. Good luck!
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Good tips for OSX, some additional ones I have found (again with SL X.6.8 and an A865W) which may help for those using this player with OSX:
NOTE1: If you want to avoid iTunes (like me), Clementine will talk to the A865 on OSX, provided you use the latest development versions of 1.0.1 or later (the stable 1.0.1 will crash when you plug the player in). You also currently need to make sure to use the USB Storage device when copying music across (the MTP one shows a wrong size and doesn't work currently).
NOTE2: The A865 has successfully worked with all the MP3 (CBR/VBR) and AAC (unprotected) files I have transferred so far
NOTE3: It doesn't seem to read ID3 V1.1 tags at all. Files without V2 tags always seem to show only a basic name.
NOTE4: It won't read IV3 V2.4 tags (I suspect because it has only been tested with Windows, and Windows Media Player won't either!) If you have such files, then kid3 can convert the tagging information to 2.3.0 which is detected properly.
NOTE5: It will display artwork if embedded in ID3 tags of the file itself, but seems to be picky if you have multiple images - with a single image it works, but with multiple it displays none. For those using iTunes, then your images may or may not be embedded in the files (depends on which version of iTunes encoded the file, and how you got the artwork). Again, kid3 can update the files with artwork.
Other than that, no complaints, and I really like the audio output from this PMP
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