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Question help needed (playin cowon j3 folder)

Hi all !

I recently got Cowon J3. Learning there is no standard way to play folder and all subfolders, I used an advice I found here to put a short silent mp3 file in the folder I want to play and click on it. J3 then would play this file and all files in subfolders ( When set on Folder Mode ).

So it looks like this

The problem is that after playing a 5sec silent mp3 file it stops and I need to push play button to play a first song in a first subfolder.

I am using Kizune's Leaf/Sense/Lynx UIs .

Any ideas ?
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The Sense menu/configuration screen is a bit different from the stock factory Cowon interface. But the objects are the same. Essentially you want to set "repeat" rather than "single play", and you want to set "ALL" rather than "Folder".

Also, you must be browsing physically, in "folder mode" (i.e. Library -> [Folders], rather than browsing logically, in "tags mode " (i.e. Library -> [Artists] or Library -> [Albums] or Library -> [Songs] or Library -> [Genres] or Library -> [Years]). As long as you are in physical "folder mode", the ALL will cause playing to behave as described. If you are in logical "tags mode", then ALL unfortunately actually behaves as "FOLDER".

First, from the Cowon PDF User Manual for the J3:

With Sense, if you are playing music and tap on the "invisible menu button" which is located in top-middle of album art, you will get the menu screen drop down.

The same items from the Cowon interface above are in the Sense menu screen as follows:

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Default Thanks

Hi DSperber !

Thanks for your reply. The cowon J3 has areally screwed up UI.
I considered to return it despite the great sound, unless I run into this Lynx/Leaf/Sense package. Cowon should buy it and make is default
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