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Okay, (and again, pardon the laymen, never used Android before) so during the initial sync-up, when I want to download my 30gb worth of music from my PC library to the device, you're saying the sync process is wireless, without an intermediary file manager client on the comp? Remember, my background is coming from nearly four years of using the Zune software for all my device file management; I've grown quite accustomed to it, so I'm just trying to wrap my head around all this with that as a contextual reference. I know you were also a Zune user, so maybe you could help me out here.

Also, in respect to music playback, I know the SGP doesn't have tactile buttons, the zHD didn't either, but it was still pretty quick and easy to go from lock/unlocked modes and track skip, volume manipulation, etc., which was very useful while on the go. Can I expect the same level of interface expedience from SGP?
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