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Originally Posted by keyb_gr View Post
Concerning this...

This kind of complaint has appeared ever since the ClipV1 port. Just about all the issues that might deteriorate playback have been fixed though - pitch is pretty much dead on, output mixer AGC is off, headphone amp supply is same as on OF. RB in fact does a better job when it comes to recovering peaks exceeding fullscale
I've done a little bit of investigation work, as the sound of the OF (EQ off/normal) and Rockbox (EQ off) sound completely different to me....

I recorded 10 secs of music, same track, same part, both alligned in Audacity.

Both waveforms are pretty much the same..
Both Spectrum graphs are pretty much the same...
The frequency responses in RMAA are very close...

So.. I would have expected that if both recordings were played back at the same time (synced up in Audacity) would produce a roughly similar sound (compounded together) however both played back at exactly the same time produces a strange "phasing sound", drum beat the same, but it sounds as if the channels have been "inverted", it gives a quite unnatural sound.

For a time I've been toying with the idea that the O.F sound has built in 'compression'/'hard limiting' to give an overall warmer sound, but now I'm thrown off even more due to the above test and the incompatibility of both waveforms to be played back at the same time and giving a natural sound.
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