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Originally Posted by jaibot View Post
thank you very much for the kind reply. It is actually interesting that you had issues with the creative micro, as i had the creative zen nano plus, and that thing was a tank.
if you look here you can see the audio port
compared to something like this
the leads inside the sansa are quite flimsy, and seem to bend easily, as opposed to the audio ports on my sound card and on my old zen nano plus

any way, any things i should try to get the keypad working on my fuze?
Funny... I've had just the opposite. I have an old Fuze with a screen that broke (IDK how, I'm guessing it was stepped on), but the headphone jack is still in perfect condition. I also got a Creative Zen Micro from my sister with a broken headphone jack. I guess she just didn't want a broken player, which is why I also got a V Plus with a permanently black/blank screen (stupid OLEDs).
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