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Old 01-28-2012, 04:10 PM
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Originally Posted by skip252 View Post

You can grab a copy of foobar2000 and it's ABX Comparator component and determine using your ears and equipment if you can hear a difference between lossless and well encoded lossy files. Then you can make a decision on what's best for you instead of what's best for someone else.
Sorry for replying a bit late.

Yes I have earlier tried double blind testing with lossless and well encoded mp3 and I cant spot the difference but my Headphones are of pretty average quality atm so maybe that could be a factor too.

Also I would try with a better equipment in a store but problem is I am right now In India for some work and have to stay here for 6-8 months more and most stores here dont allow to test any Iem's or headphones so I couldnt decide for myself ( I would be either asking Amazon to ship my purchase here or ask one of my colleague who is due to visit here next week to collect them for me).So my thought process was that I would order a player which plays lossless and If I cant spot the difference with my new pair of headphones then I would use mp3 for my player.

I think Sideways is right that maybe I should order the headphones first then look for the player but its just that having only 8gb is frustrating the hell out of me for some time now.Btw I was earlier thinking of getting Iem for around 50- 100$ but now i think i would rather get SR 60i for home + get E10 for travelling which together still fit the budget.

Although I think I am most probably getting clip zip now also because they are inexpensive. But If i do go cowon route would you recommend D3 as its round 80$ cheaper than J3 for 32 gbs ( as I would be using D3 as only a music player and not for apps), is D3 stable now after newer firmware releases ? Or should i wait for z2 although I do expect its 32gb model to be around 300$ ? also do we expect J3 prices to suffer as and when z2 launches ?

and tnx skip and everyone ,u all have been of great help so far .
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