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Cool Check the Battery, my friend.

Originally Posted by zcacogp View Post

I've taken it apart and identified the battery and HDD. The battery is slightly unusual in that it looks a little 'baggy' - the silver plastic/paper front of it appears to be loose, although this could be normal. There is no apparent damage to the inside of the device (no obviously broken connectors or solder joins) and everything is plugged in as it should be.

I have tried unplugging the battery and plugging it in, but it is still as resolutely dead as before.

This could be a case of a dead battery. I have experienced this with a few iDevices and if you've examined, and cleared the player for possible physical damage then the only part I can think of that isn't up to scratch would be the battery. Devices with internal Li-ion and Li-Poly batteries degrade over time and lose their charge, and if it degrades completely usually bulges out. I suggest you look around for an OEM Battery just in case your friend upgraded the ZVM's Firmware.
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