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Default DIY audio filters

Hello all, I use my J3 with ATH-M50s, a PIMETAv2 and a Meier crossfeed circuit and I love the effect of the latter. Since tweaking the hardware components for optimum settings is a pain i.t.a. I wondered if it is possible to do the crossfeed in software.

From reading some posts I figure UCIs are far from the solution and the equalizer is hardware. This leaves me with the JetEffects (are these software? can they be altered/extended?) or an open firmware like rockbox, which I have used on a Sansa but never looked at in detail so I don't know how to code something so it can be used with rockbox.

Is there any way to get access to the digital audio before it is converted to the analog output signal?

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Nope, that's impossible (both altering the firmware and using a custom firmware).
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That's the one answer I didn't expect But thanks for saving me time investigating this further.

Just out of curiosity: How does JetEffects do it and why can't I exactly?
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I seem to remember hearing the J3 is very similar to the S9.

If this is the case, when the S9 was my main player, I did some tests on the "Stereo Enhance" effect and found it was actually more of a crossfeed.

Worth a try, it might sound something like what you're after...

Here's the thread;

Edit: BTW, if you decide to go the Sansa/ Rockbox route, there's already a Meier crossfeed patch that dfkt includes in his builds...

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Oh awesome. I always keep away from those settings, but the stereo enhance really kinda does the crossfeed trick, although it alters the sound quite a bit. But that's where the eq and RMAA come into play, let's see if it can be corrected
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