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Old 01-27-2012, 12:13 AM
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You have headphones thrown in pretty much as a afterthought. If you make sure you have a top quality set of headphones to go with a good player you can assure yourself of the upgrade in sound quality you're looking for. You may find a amp isn't needed if you get the right headphones.

You have a decent source now. The Touch produces a signal that is as good as the Clip+ or a Cowon. Take a look at dfkt's response in post #8 of the thread you linked. The test results he links to show the player you have now produces a signal that good enough that it's extremely unlikely anyone would be able to tell them apart once the volumes are matched.

That's true of just about any quality player now. It's considered fairly easy to make a player that sounds very good relatively cheaply now. The differences in sound come in other areas. Equalizer capabilities, DSPs (Digital Signal Processors) like the Cowon's BBE effects and most especially the headphones are where the differences lie.

You can pretty much determine that with the player you have now if you get some decent headphones and add a good EQ app to your Touch. Minus the Cowon BBE DSPs what you hear with that setup is what you'll hear with a Clip+ or J3.

I'd take a while to consider what type of headphones suits you best. The post here will give you a good outline. Once you've thought about what suits you best you can start a thread in the Headphones subforum listing your requirements and budget.

I learned that using a quality DAP is only one part in having good sound quality. I found that out by buying several of them as I looked for one that would give me the sound I was after. Once I tried better headphones I discovered I had bought a number of them that were all putting out very good sound. I just hadn't been able to hear what they were producing with the cheap headphones I had been using.
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