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Default Happy Zipper

After using Rockbox for 1 full day on my Clip Zip, I am thrilled.

Aside from Rockbox solving my 'missing mp3' problem that the OF had, I was delighted to see the wealth of track info and options.

I had skimmed the Rockbox forums over the years but never really 'got it.'

Now that I've used Rockbox to play hours of podcasts today (on the treadmill, walking the dogs, driving to work...) I am really tickled and the performance and control I have.

The current Sansa Clip Zip OF GUI is really silly. They simply added color and some large meaningless icons. They really didn't do anything with the larger screen. In fact, they 'currently playing' view actually has LESS info on it then the old Clip+. I really love the amount of info that RockBox can cram into that screen.

Thanks to everyone who built Rockbox.

(Only thing that looks buggy is the FM radio interface, while most of the FM radio interface works ok, it sort of goes nuts every so often.)

Thanks again,

Happy Zipper
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