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Originally Posted by Capilleary View Post
No, you can press and hold down, however navigation is quite slow.

5: 50, 200, 1k, 3k, 14k

Haha... It's weak, lousy, good for nothing . Really, my Nokia 5320, my Samsung Galaxy S - both play MUCH louder and better through the speaker. It's useless. I mean audio quality with good headphones is marvelous for its price, but the speaker - I wish it wasn't even there.

Own folder. Worst of all - not present in phone library. It's just browsing the file system, playing, shuffling through files, etc.

If you truly love music - you'll turn off all that stuff. It cuts stuff that it shouldn't cut.

I kind of regretted I bought it. Not that it's bad. It's actually wonderful when it comes to sound. Its awful when it comes to firmware, usability, navigation. I can't even make playlists without its software. And playlists can't include files from the SD Card. Horrible firmware. Even when compared to stuff like Transcend or Apacer.
Hi, new member here.

Do you know how can i view the current list? If i move back from the current playing list i can no more find it and now playing only shows the currently playing song. I find it very inconvenient and awkward to use, the whole interface i mean.

My main question here is that is it possible to upgrade the firmware to one of the previous gen versions eg E100 and thereby have a MTP-enabled firmware? As a last resort perhaps, i really want to hack the firmware somehow and just get a better one that lets me sort songs and integrates with WMP (i hate the bundled software) and in a word is not crap.

Is it possible at all, without an official firmware update? And if not, just how can i make iriver release a better firmware, cause i just bought this E300 PMP and it would be damn cool if i won't have to sell it this soon to get a few basic features.
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