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No it's not the end of the world. lol But, its like going to the store and finding out they quit making your favorite underwear. It can be a traumatic experience.

I have tried multiple players and multiple music services and none of them are as nice (for us) as the Zune combination. My daughter was really bummed that she was not going to have the Zune Pass any more. She didn't actually cry but there was some serious moping going on. lol

So, being the softie Dad, I remembered I still had my Zune 80. So I went and found it (with low expectations) and charged it. Bam, it works. So I gave my daughter that one for the short term so we all have Zunes again.

And, whether it is a mistake or not, I went and bought 2 used Zune 16gb HDs (for less than the price of one iPod touch setup, actually). So maybe I can put off the inevitable as long as possible.

So, be forewarned, I will still be lurking.
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