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Sure thing - sorry for the delay but have been a bit distracted with life..

I went for this model for the memory and sound quality - and on headphones generally the SQ is amazing, but when I connect it to the car stereo it's very quiet. Sometimes when it's on sleep mode (headphones) it buzzes a little, but this stops when I take it off sleep mode (strange one but rare).

It took me a while to get used to the interface, but after experimenting with it I'm slowly getting there.. I like that you can set the volume button to skip tracks when on sleep mode, but this does mean you can't change the volume when it's in your pocket if you choose that setting. The fact that the corner buttons change their use in different contexts is initially confusing but makes sense after a little use - even my technophobe partner can navigate through the most used menus now!

One of the things I still haven't worked out which is bugging me is how to set my own EQ settings - I just can't see how to do this so am stuck with theirs, but will keep trying..

One thing that bugs me a bit - maybe I was expecting too much (not having had a decent mp3 player since my 1st generation i***) - but I hoped that (for example) when it was on track shuffle, I could choose the album that the track I was currently listening to was on and listen to that without going back into the menu and choosing it separately (if you see what I mean..). Having said that, I don't know if any players do that and it's a small thing.

Video quality is great - and the sound quality on videos seems to be better than when watching them direct on the pc! (Though maybe that says more about my pc speakers..)

Radio is the weak point as far as I can see so far - it spends a lot of time searching for stations and not much time finding them. And as for searching manually, I gave that up a while ago. I also can't figure out how to set the presets, though sometimes I'm lucky and the existing presets work.

So on the whole it's great, but not quite the amazing all-rounder I was hoping for. Maybe some others here can help with some of the stuff I haven't yet figured out? I'll post here when I've worked it out too,

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