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Big reason why I thought it important to establish a reasonable, everyday, baseline price, Marv. Having the MSRP available also seemed like it would be a good idea .

I've found JVC Flats, not sure if they were HAS160 or the 150 model, for as little as $7.99 in the past. It wouldn't be reasonable to say they're great $8 headphones in a thread title though.

At $13-$14 they're still a decent bang for the buck. I don't know every low priced headphone on the market but I haven't found anything better at that price.

At $19.99 MSRP they're still not not bad. I'd wait for a sale or get them online though. They frequently go on sale at a decent price.

No way in hell they're worth the $36.88 I'm seeing on the Wally World site right now. I'm wondering if that's a typo.
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