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Default headphone jack repair iaudio

So i have had my cowon for 5 or 6 years now and the headphone jack went. I was wondering if it was possible to repair it rather than having to buy a new mp3 all together. A lot of places say i can open the player and solder the connection and it will work fine. Has anyone done this? Is it hard to solder? What would i need? I apologize in advance if this is not the place to posta question like this.
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These links should give you some good tips to start learning but are not directly related. The equipment is cheap and you can find great deals on partsexpress, exampel here. Once you've mastered basic stuff then google some more related info, keep in mind that it would be almost impossible to find a replacement female jack for the player. Most manufacturers don't sell parts, so we're left to buying old or bricked players for parts, so take the steps to learn before you go for the real thing, as you could damage the jack if you melt the housing.

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What player is it?

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Where are you located? If in the uk, offer a Cowon repair service, and as far as I'm aware they're the only one in the UK.
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