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I have had a Touch 2 for three weeks now and to date there are two main issues that have grabbed my attention:
1. Creative NEED to tidy their act up! This device does not come with a manual (it has a quick start guide) and their website is poor, it is just too much work. App availability is a real problem, the device canít be register with the main app stores/markets and the Creative ZiiO Space only has ten (yes 10) apps listed for the Touch 2. Direct inquiries about the compatibility of other apps got me nowhere. As for the Creative help forumsÖ. Well I have had the device for three weeks and I canít do more than log in (I canít even search the threads/posts).
Seriously, when compared to the Creative site and forum, using a Google/Bing search will be significantly more productive.
2. The devices operation is at best average and its sloooowww! Battery life is poor (especially if you use WIFI), video isnít smooth (I have tried 3 player apps) and it crashes, particularly when trying to go online with the Firefox app (the preloaded browser is more stable). i know there is a reset button next to the sd card slot, but I think it is a poorly made/designed unit that requires a user to treat the reset as an important part of regular operation!

I am forming the view that this device is poor value for money. I mean it is possible to spend similar cash and get an unlocked smart phone with WIFI, a better rear camera (and the inclusion of a front one), the latest android version, a better battery, a better processor etc etc.
It isnít that there is one huge problem with the device. It is just so average to below average with messy support that Iím left wondering why someone would fork out good money for the Touch 2 (I didnít). Simply, for similar cash you could get a smart phone with better spec, gain access to the app store(s) and, if wanted you can pop in a sim and also have a phoneÖ
So, from me, the Zen Touch 2 gets 4.5 out of 10.
As so many have said. ďWhy would someone buy thisĒ... It is like choosing to buy half of a low spec smart phone!
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