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Shame no one answered. I love knowing to what extent the UI can be altered; however, it seems that most of the changes that can be made or generally visual changes, that is, the appearance of things. Any time someone does something creative, it is merely a gimmick of taking a regular button, and dressing it up as something a bit more fancy.

According to what I have seen, no one seems to be able to do anything truly-- unique. They still just have swiping, pinch-zooming, tilting the screen and pressing. Furthermore, it seems one cannot alter even small things, like a loading icon.

The most ingenious changes seem to really just be duplicating something that the player can already do. (Multiple desktops, for instance.)

Unfortunately, it seems what you cannot do is far more pervasive: You cannot make a true playlist, you cannot make typist (or notepad?) vertical, according to what I have seen.
One cannot change how it loads pictures.

And many more things that one would love to see in this player.
Perhaps there will be a firmware update to make the whole interface more open-ended. That would be neat, though there do not seem to be enough people remaining who are doing Cowon UI edits.
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