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Old 01-16-2012, 06:35 AM
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Default A Thread Wherein I Suggest an Idea for a Feature to be Added to a Custom UI

I noticed some people talking about having big fingers, and I thought that there is not enough actual space on the screen to accommodate large, fat fingers, but-- but what if we created ARTIFICIAL space?!

It would not even be necessary to create an entirely new UI, one could just edit the standard.
Preferably, my idea would come with built-in options to alter the increments of this particular feature, which is the following:

Change the proximity of icons and selections.

For instance, when one is scrolling down the list of songs, instead of all of the song titles being literally centimeters or less apart, one could alter their space, so that they are a literal half-inch, or whole inch apart. The increments could range in percentages, moving in five or ten percent steps. (The sizes we are working with would be very small-- perhaps the increments could be by pixels, rather than percent; one or two pixels is very little, proportionally, and would compensate for the small sizes)

This way, a person with big fingers is working in an artificially wider field.
With icons it was never really a problem, but with lists, it is a bit worse.

Alternatively, if the text in the lists were to be increased about fifty to two-hundred percent, it would be easier to press the particular item that one intends to press; however, you would be sacrificing a bit of attractiveness for this.

I think if we do the wide-spacing idea, a particularly ingenious programmer could find something interesting to put between the spaces, preferably something inert. Or if not, it would allow more visibility of the custom background image, which is always nice.

It's gonna suck if typing all of this is pointless because I didn't read a rule and one is not allowed to post ideas here, because I'm really pleased with this concept, even if I could never actually create it, myself.

Thoughts, anyone?
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