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Originally Posted by mbamg View Post
In my experience while people who listen to DAPs are rather accustomed to brighter sound signatures because of the stock earbuds, they wouldn't know the quality that comes from a good headphone/IEM with a bright sound signature. In comparison, it seems mainstream for those who are looking to venture beyond stock earbuds to start with headphones with more bass.
I didn't express myself precisely. What I meant is that hearing range of young people extends further into higher frequencies, i.e. people under 20 hear up to 20 kHz (unless their hearing is damaged), while sensitivity to bass is relatively lower/overshadowed. That's one reason where popularity of bassy sound comes from. The other is, of course, the terrible quality of stock earbuds.

Regardless. Whatever is the reason for bass sound preference, it's just the particular person's taste, and it's nobody else's place to dispute it.

Also, once you're accustomed to bassy sound, it's difficult to go back to shitty earbuds. So next time when shopping, the owner will be looking for higher quality sound and that's a plus too. I don't know how it's in the rest of the world, but here, in the mideastern Europe, I often meet teens on the street, listening to rap music from the phones' hands-free speaker. I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to stand it before kicking someone. If those people would use at least some half-decent, bass-heavy earphones, they wouldn't be listening to that noise.
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