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Default Cheap eartips, do they work?

I've got $15 Melec M2 earphones and have a bit of problems with the eartips. The medium size is a tad small; large size fits better, but isn't very comfortable. The double-flange tips don't work well either.

I'm thinking of getting some foam tips, or triple-flange silicons. Obviously, for the cheap M2's, Comply foams are a bit expensive (and not available where I live).

I found some cheap tips, both foam and silicon, on ebay:

foam tips

3-flange silicone tips

Cheap ebay stuff sometimes work well, sometimes not so much. Which might be the case of these? Could they affect sound too badly? I know M2 isn't anything special, but still, why make it worse. I'm guessing silicons should provide the same sound as the stocks (apart from the fact they're 3-flange), but I don't know about cheap foam. Can it be too bad? Is it a waste of money or worth a shot?
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