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Originally Posted by SladeNoctis View Post
But is there any thing i should get for the R0, is microsd support good? A amazon review says that the PC only recognizes the internal storage.
Never heard about such an issue. The PC does recognize both the internal and external memories, don't worry. In the OF the microSD is not integrated with the internal memory into the database but in rockbox it is hehe.

Originally Posted by SladeNoctis View Post
Noticed you have 3 R0, willing to sell one for a poor chap over at the states
Nope, but why not buy a 4th one, that's a good idea thanks

Edit: I'm stuck between two options, Fuze for $39.00(refurb but can get a warranty for 2 years for $10) or R0 $71 (No warranty at all)......and there's kicking the wallet in the gut a R0 brand new but imported $119 (no warranty besides Samsung but yea...)
The Fuze is not as sexy as the R0
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