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Originally Posted by lebellium View Post
They are both great players. The R0 has always been my favorite but the 16GB P3 may be a good deal, especially at this price.

The P3 has many more features than the R0 but the touchscreen now looks a bit outdated compared to the today's standards (smartphones). You don't have this feeling with a normal tactile buttons player. And sooner or later you would probably experience the famous deadzones issue due to a manufacturing defect on many LCD panels.

For an Audio use, I would then recommend the R0, especially since it is rockboxable hehe
But well the pink version is ugly and it's more expensive... It's up to you
Noticed you have 3 R0, willing to sell one for a poor chap over at the states

Edit: I'm stuck between two options, Fuze for $39.00(refurb but can get a warranty for 2 years for $10) or R0 $71 (No warranty at all)......and there's kicking the wallet in the gut a R0 brand new but imported $119 (no warranty besides Samsung but yea...)

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