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Default HTC Desire S or Sony Experia Ray.

I'm currently using a very low spec samsung android phone as it was the only replacement option orange gave been after sending me 3 faulty Orange San Franciscos, don't you just love orange, and as I have a good 18months left on my contract I wanting to replace it with something that can actually manage to run a few apps and has a camera with a flash. I've done quite a lot of research and it seems that the Desire S and Xperia ray are my best options.

I don't do that much on the go web browsing so having a huge screen isn't a big priority. I do like using basic games apps like words with friends and obviously angry birds so but I'm not looking for anything hard core. I would like something that can double as a camera for casual nights out. I'm also pretty impatient so I need a phone that's not going to lag! Price wise, I'm looking on ebay and can get both the above phones for under 200 new or only slightly used and I would like to keep under this limit.

Based of this any recommendations would be great.

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Here are the differences that I can see, and why they matter;

-The Ray has a 3.3" screen while the Desire S has a 3.7" screen. This is surprisingly a huge difference, so make sure that you hold both phones before deciding. Don't buy on specs alone. A larger screen makes media consumption and games more enjoyable.

-The Ray has a slightly higher resolution display. That, combined with a smaller display means a sharper looking image.

-Same CPU/GPU clock speeds, but the Ray has 512MB of RAM and the Desire S has 768MB. The extra RAM makes the Desire S a little more future proof.

-The Desire S has faster radios deliver up to 2x performance on GPRS, Edge, and 3G. Basically, you'll have faster mobile data on the Desire S.

-Despite both being released in 2011, Sony has confirmed an Android 4.x update for the Ray, whereas HTC has yet to confirm or deny a 4.0 update for the Desire S.

-Battery sizes are comparable (1450mA vs. 1500mA), and rated battery life is also comparable with the exception of 2G talk time, where the Ray has a significant advantage.

With all that said, there is truly no clear winner. If Android updates matter, get the Ray. If screen size for media consumption matters then get the Desire. If long-term specs matter, they're close to identical with a slight edge to the Desire (50% more RAM, faster mobile connectivity). Ultimately, you're best off by holding each in your hand and seeing which gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling. They are both excellent phones.
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Thanks very much that's very helpful. In terms of mobile data connectivity will the ray be significantly slower?
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