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Originally Posted by skip252 View Post
If FuzinEvolution want's to use their iTunes tracks they'll need Rockbox. The AAC encoder in the OF chokes on AAC files if they're too long in my experience.

The last firmware update fixed the distortion on AAC files at the iTunes 256 kbps bitrate but didn't fix the failure to play longer files. Maybe in a future firmware update. It seems the hardware can handle them, they play fine in Rockbox.
I've never even looked at Rockbox to tell you the truth, since I have two clip +s I should try it out. Thanks, didn't know it supported AAC!

Honestly wished I never started purchasing from the iTunes Store, its one of the reasons I'm having a hard time getting off the iPods because my library there is so well established. I try to get all my music from Amazon now.
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