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Hi guys,
I know it's a late thread bump but I just forgot to reply to you! Well, it happens... Sorry.

It looks like I'm having a love-hate relationship with Cowon players. There was that i7 I mentioned earlier (well, 6 months ago). I really loved it, but he didn't love me in return and basically died after a few months. As the i7 was discontinued and I got mine from ebay, I wasn't actually covered by any warranty.
I got an i9 as replacement. That's a cool unit too! But of course, things couldn't be smooth either ... This one jumped in the washer for a full warm cycle! I thought I was kind and loving enough, but I was mistaken. The patient is still in intensive care (water in the display is hardly a good sign) but vital functions seem OK.

I'll see how it goes with the de-moisturizing and might consider another i9 or an i10. I've seen's i7s, but 200 quid for a discontinued 8GB player isn't a bargain, regardless of its awesomeness.

Stay tuned, for those of you who care!

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