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I agree with DSperber, the stretching of the video is almost certainly the problem. Copied from the guide:

6) Resolution and aspect ratio. You will need to make some intelligent choice about resolution of the output video. As stated earlier, I have not had any success with videos larger than 480x272. The main factor in choosing a resolution should be the aspect ratio of the input video. I make a particular effort to maintain this, as otherwise the squashed output can look terrible on the S9!

If the input video is 16:9 then output should be 480x272. This also goes for files where the actual content is some other ratio, but the file includes the 'black bars' and the overall aspect is 16:9 (typical for DVDs). When ripping DVDs for the S9, it is sensible not to crop these black bars, as it makes life easier at this stage.

For other aspect ratios, I divide the input width by input height to give you the ratio. Divide 480 by this value to give you the height to use on the S9. Use a custom aspect ratio by clicking "More" on the "Video Scale Size" region at the top of SUPER, and enter the width as 480 and the height as your calculated value.

So if the film is in 2.35:1 you would set the encode to 480x204 or ideally 480x208 so the the resolution is a factor of 16 (sometimes required, or speeds up the encode). The video will now be the correct aspect ratio if you wanted to stretch the video to fill the screen, there is an option on the J3/S9 to do this on the fly, you do not need to do it in the encode.
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