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Default The Neutered Man

The reason for Bose's success is the Neutered Husband! Aging Husband's had their He-Man rigs since the days of College but now he as settled in and bought a home in the burb's. The wife spent too much time in Home Interior Rags and put the foot down. The ascetically unpleasing look for the He-Man rig and thus the He-Man Rig had to go unless he has a Man Cave which he still had to buy a Acousitmass system for the Main Living Room or Entertainment Room. The neutered man has sacrificed sound to keep the wife happy and the Bose Acoustimass is the compromise.

When I was young I saw the Ads in the Rags and believed the hype and even heard a 901 set up it wasn't bad but, then again I didn't know anything about audio either. I remember when Bose came out with their Acousitmass system. It was all the rage. I went to a Audio store and listened to sub/sat systems and settling for a M&K set up for 1/3 less and better sound. After comparing Bose with everything else the Bose came up flat! I have some old Cambridge Soundworks Computer Speakers which I bought for $250 first gen and a collaborative Creative/Cambridge Computer Speakers for $40 that sound better than a Bose System in any environment!

I do love Bose though cause I make soo much money of idiots that can't set them up in their homes and lofts.

While Bose does make a good speaker it is not a great speaker, they are overrated and overpriced. If I owned a business like a bar the 301's make a good fit. The 301's are have great range tonally in such a small speaker and are good for music but lousy for serious home listening.

I like the Wave Radio concept but Cambridge Soundworks and Boston Acoustics make better ones. I have a BA Micro CD Radio it sounds great and it is my alarm clock. I wished I had another one for the office.

I work from time to time as a consultant to Audio Stores when they set up 5 to 6 figure rigs to simple Home Theater set ups when they have a room that is difficult to tune. I am the second opinion. Which I do for discounts on gear and some beer. I don't know or can hear numbers(Specs) but I can hear sound and I do the math on the balance between frequencies and space vs. environment/room. I have done room tunings for Bose Systems as well....I shake my head every time I have done it. You can't tell someone that they just bought a turd after laying down hard earned cash for it now, can you?

In short I agree with other post that most other than Neutered Man, people buy Bose like they buy iXxx's because they are simpletons that like being simple (go along to get along)-(trendy) whatever. I sorry but sometimes you have to keep the ole' lady happy and live the lie.
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